Must-See Media

Check out this fun piece in USA Today written by my fellow classmate Bianca Almada.

PHILOTIMO - a very important word and a great short video on its importance in Greek culture and the world.

In the Footsteps of Paul - recommended video from the Eastern Orthodox class (3 part)

Mt. Athos, A Documentary - 60 Minutes piece on Mt. Athos, the most holy place in Orthodox Christianity

The Monks of Simonopetra Monastery, Mount Athos, Chant / Άγιον Όρος • Σιμωνόπετρα • Ψαλμοί - the monks chanting hymns and prayers (full CD)

Hymn from Holy Week you simply have to experience

The Gospel of Judas - a documentary speaking about the recovery of the Gospel of Judas

Prayer & Fasting - Eastern Orthodox Perspective - an interview with two highly respected clergy in Eastern Orthodoxy discuss the importance and meaning of fasting and prayer for Orthodox Christians

Meterora Monasteries - a good look at the amazing monasteries in Meterora, Greece

Hagia Sophia - Nova documentary discussing the architecture of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Crash Course - From Judaism to Christianity (very entertaining and informative)

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