Friday, May 15, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye

I hate goodbyes.

I hate them so much that I didn't attend the farewell dinner - it just is too much for me. I have a hard time with transitions, anyway...but saying goodbye knowing I will never be in this place again with these beautiful souls is emotional overload. I will miss so much.

I will miss strolling Thissio and looking for my favorite wheelchair buddy. I will miss people watching, the tourists, and shopping handmade treasures. I will miss feeding the taverna cats and the special treat at the end of the meal. I will miss the honey, the wine, and the incredible olive oil...and, of course, the lamb.

I will miss my favorite teacher, Despina, and I will miss my fellow students. I will miss the constant presence of ancient ruins and the chaos of broken sidewalks, taxis and motorcycles. I will miss the opportunity to just go sit in an incense-tinged church and walk through the National Gardens with my love. I will miss hearing the buskers along Ermou, and the sweet, welcoming smile of the waitress at Poco Poco. I will miss the Greek people - both the strangers on the street and the ones we have befriended. I will miss the clang of the church bells and the wave of the crane operator across the street. I will miss breakfast on the balcony in the morning sunshine.

The only one I have really said goodbye to has been Emma, but only because she was leaving this morning for an early flight. But, just because I don't have the strength to say goodbye doesn't mean I don't care. I care deeply and will miss all who have come across my path during this adventure in Greece. They will never know how much.

I hate goodbyes. Truly.
But I will always treasure all that I have seen, heard, learned, 
experienced, and embraced while here in beautiful and amazing Greece. 

Until we meet again.

No Regrets.

What do you do on your last day in Athens?
The one thing that I didn't do when I was there the first two times...

take pictures of the beautiful statues that graced the Erechtheion, 
the Caryatids that now reside in the Acropolis Museum.

Aren't they amazing? There were six of then originally, and all individual. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

So Much to Remember...

Last Final!!

Last final on the last day of finals week...

time to celebrate!

My favorite tuna salad and Chuck's spaghetti...and two glasses of wine, parakalo!
Only at Ciao's in Pangrati

And, one of my favorite flowers - the bougainvillea - are celebrating, too.
How lovely.

An Evening Stroll Home

It was a lovely evening for a stroll...

On Syntagma Square, this periptero, aka kiosk, is open for business (as usual)

I really like these color changing fountains on either side of the Square

and the lovely fountain

and, then through the National Gardens

a short stop to cross the busy avenue in front of the Kalimarmaro, the Marble Stadium

and, finally back to campus where we can see folks studying for finals

One More Day

Our Favorite Hangout

Emma and Katerina at Kekko's - our place of comfort, coffee, and friendship
We are so sad to say good-bye.