Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Day of Class

Last day of class. 

We are getting notifications for turning back in our books, 
our items from the apartments...
where to leave our keys when we leave.

There are good-bye parties, and end of the semester celebrations.

We are thinking of how to get everything into our luggage,
and how to get to the airport at an ungodly hour of the morning.

Soon we will be heading back to real life, back to our life.

Back to where everyone speaks our language, eats our kind of food, 
and drive rather than walk.

What will I miss?
the guys across the street at the construction site,
our friends at the tavernas we have befriended,
the freedom of 'camping' at a restaurant table freely,
the cheapness of everything...
The sunshine.

I will miss my Orthodox prof, Despina,
a sweeter soul I have never known.

I will miss the church bells, 
especially from St. Spyridon church

Yes, it was the last day of class.
And, what have I learned?

I think I will save for another post.

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