Saturday, May 9, 2015

Don't wanna forget...

Demitrios, the best hairstylist in Pangrati.

The sound of the church bells.

Slippery marble and yellow sidewalks.

The conversations of moms in our apartment building fussing with their children on the weekends.

That they found Roman remains dated to 500 BCE right in front of our apartment.

I could probably forget the early morning jackhammer, though.

Chuck taking pictures of construction sites.

The tour buses of eager tourists flooding the platia in front of the stadium.

Religious icons sold right next to the phallic-bottle-openers.

Selfie-sticks and not-so-free roses.

That when you see someone taking a photo, you may want to, as well.

The sound of the front door of our apartment building slamming.

The standing-room-only public transit.

The fact that siesta is only kept by the businesses you want to be open.

The crazy locks on everything.

Buskers and street performers everywhere people gather.

Strolling Thissio.

Frappes, espresso freddos, and the best yogurt and honey in the known world.

Standing on the hillside in Delphi, looking out towards the sea.

Watching the store owners coming to life with the sunshine.

Every taverna featuring live music.

Taverna recruiters wanting us to stay as long as possible 
because I smile at everyone.

Pronouncing lamb as 'lamp'

The Greek-style-kiss-greeting of friends,
and the firm handshake of someone who was really glad we were there.

Dancing by the Cathedral in the waning afternoon sunlight
to our own private music.

And, we don't want to forget having the privilege of gazing upward and seeing the Acropolis, 
whether in the sunshine, or lit up in the night sky - 
it is this glorious past that is the true glory of Greece.